Purchasing a new car can be one of major purchases you ever make in your life. Prior to making a new car purchase, we can compare price models online with AutoPortal India. We have to select our new car requirements such as safety, price range, performance, dependability, budget, interior design, exterior design, and the like. In addition, we should select the brands which meet perfectly to our requirements. Somehow, negotiating around a monthly payment is not a good option. If we do this, we end up giving a car salesperson a chance to manipulate figures which only benefit the car dealer. Here are several things you must know on purchasing a new car.

                Firstly, we must nail down the final price of the car before you discuss the trade-in value. As a buyer, we can consider negotiating one thing at a time and not negotiating around a monthly payment. Secondly, we should not buy unnecessary extras. A car dealer may offer you to get more extras for your new car. Instead of accepting the offers, you had better state that you do not really them and decide to decline to pay for them. Usually, a car dealer may ask you to also buy extras such as paint sealant, corrosion protection, and even fabric protection. Since it is a new car, you have to think twice to buy extras on your purchase. Thirdly, we had better not purchase an extended warranty. What is more, if that the car has a good reliability record. 

                Furthermore, do not hesitate to bring in your calculator. With the calculator, you can do verification of the terms with the amount you have agreed to finance. One more important to remember is we should not drive the car home if the financial paperwork is not completed. Somehow, you have the right to walk out of you are not comfortable with the negotiation.

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